e-Truck | Full electric truck

Strict pollutant emissions, noise regulations and delivery time slots are today’s transporters major competitors. Available as standard electric truck chassis or complete system as garbage collector / commercial vehicle with a range up to 300 km (NEDC).

The benefits

A 100% electric truck has many advantages. First of all the vehicle has no CO2 emission, which makes every city center available to your vehicles, no matter how stringent the enviromental requirements are. An other big advantage is the low operating noise of the vehicle making nightly distribution no issue for local residents. You can also take advantage of lower costs in operation, because besides saving on diesel there’s also less preventive and regular maintenance needed.

Flexible configurations

With configurable battery packs (40, 80, 120, 160, 200 and 300 kWh) the vehicles can met a range from 25 to 300 kilometer (NEDC). On top of that we provide the possibility to electrically power auxiliaries like a freight refrigeration system.


Multiple weight classes

At EMOSS we have extensive experience and knowledge concerning the conversion of DAF, IVECO, Toyota and multiple German based vehicles. In principle, however, any base vehicle can be equipped with an electric drive. The e-Trucks are available based on chassis’ between 3.5 and 27 tonnes GVW.

Other configurations are based on a 3.5 tonne chassis, a 7.5 tonne chassis and a 27 tonne chassis. Check out some of the other possibilities for conversion.

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