EMOSS wireless e-Bus 12 meter

12m-wireless-charging-electric-busUnparalleled seating capacity, Full Low Floor, Zero Emission and Quiet: the 12 meter Electric Bus is based on the durable Volvo 7700 range. Available with AC and DC, conductive or inductive fast charge, the versatile configuration gives Public Transport Operators a wide range of deployment possibilities.


Vehicle range Regular day service *
Capacity 86 passengers
Steering Electronic power steering
Climate control A/C or heating system



Motor power 240 kW (peak)
Motor torque 960 Nm
Transmission Direct drive
Top speed 85 km/h (electronically limited)
Driveline warranty 3 year / 100,000 Km



Battery chemistry Lithium-Ion Polymer
Battery capacity 128 – 300 kWh
Working voltage 700 V
Battery warrany 3 year / 100,000 Km


Charge system

Socket On-board 13.3 – 44 kW/380 V/AC
Charge time Fast charge 4-7 min. Overnight 7 hours @ 380V (32AMP EVSE)
Inductive charge 60 / 120 kW (IPT-Conductix Wampfler)
Conductive charge 120 – 200 kW (Pantograph – Opbrid)


Media mentions

Green Autoblog: EMOSS testing “completely climate-neutral” wireless charging bus in Netherlands