e-Bus | Full electric buses

The electric busses of EMOSS are free of emission, noise and vibrations. These benefits do not go unnoticed in innercities. Available in a multitude of measurements, EMOSS provides with the e-Bus the next generation of electric busses for public and commercial transportation. Free of emission standards, escalating diesel and maintenance cost electric busses of EMOSS the e-Bus line offers you the freedom of inner city operation and beyond.

Electric city bus

Inductive charged electric bus
Unparalleled seating capacity, Full Low Floor, Zero Emission and Quiet: just a few examples of the benefits of the 12 meter Electric Bus which is based on the durable Volvo 7700 range.

Available with fastcharge infrastructures based on both conductive and inductive energytransfer, which ensures a maximum uptime for the vehicle. The versatile configuration gives Public Transport Operators a wide range of deployment possibilities.

12 meter e-Bus

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